I worked on Stargate Universe a long side another motion designer ( Seth Molson ), essentially we had stepped into a visual language that had been roughly laid out but needed to be expanded on. Not only did we work on screens within the main ship, but there were different ships from other alien worlds, hand held ( interactive ) devices, and screens that floated in the room. 
( below ) Console designs for the captains chair on the bridge

My first step into the film industry, Stargate Universe. Designing and animating user interfaces for spaceship control rooms was where my interest into UI found its roots.

Working in a two man team we would create breakdowns from scripts as they came in. A read-through would be held with the directors, producers, writers, and actors. With the details and roughs worked out we'd move into design > animation > and prototype testing. Running back and forth between sets. Waiting for 'Cut!', I'd quickly duck in and  speak with the director on set with a laptop in hand. Going over the build for the next episode. Our rough designs would be tested on set and prepped for the future shoot, after revisions we'd finalize the builds, and lay out Instructions for the on-set operators.

- FUI design and animation
- HUD Design
- Interactive Design
- Roughs + Concepts ( wire framing )
- Playback testing and breakdowns
- 'Holoscreen' 3D + 2D design and animation
- Compositing 
SGU: 'Holoscreens' 

Motion Graphics overlays added to pre-tracked plates

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