Screen graphic design and animation for full length feature film Escape from Planet Earth.

Working as the sole Motion Graphics Artist on a feature film was an experience I will always remember.  After years of designing user interfaces, It was refreshing to be given a bit of leash within the sci-fi genre to explore different idea's within an animated feature and because this was a movie for children the art director ( Matthias Lechner ), stressed that we focus on shapes/visuals/colour over text to fill the sets. 

With that in mind I began to concept and rough out a visual language for the consoles. The main headquarters had 60+ screens to fill alone. 

Keeping the design simple, clean, full of colour, and with minimal text lead to a look that fit the film and added an extra layer of polish in the end. 

Space ship consoles, command headquarters, news graphics and everything in between 
How I created the "goo" like effect below:
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