Project: Escape From Planet Earth
Client: Rainmaker Ent.

Working closely with Art Director Matthias Lechner and Director Cal Brunker was a humbling experience. Joining the film while it was well into production was a hit the ground running type of feeling but having full control as the only Motion Graphics Artist on the large animation team allowed me to create an organizational system that fit the 3D pipeline that was already in place. 

Many of the characters movements had been storyboarded and animated prior and temp graphics were put in place. Matching the characters movements with flat 2D compositions led to the idea of having a more "organic interface" that snapped together. The colours and movements of the UI needed to speak towards the amazing world that had been created and fit the characters while maintaining a futuristic feel that spoke to a younger generation.

- FUI Design and animation
- Interface Design
- Motion Graphics 
- Wireframes ( Roughs + Concepts )
- 3D modelling and animation 
- Typography 
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