Justin made the move to Vancouver in 2008 finding his start creating live user interface designs and screen graphic animations for the series Stargate Universe. After working on several major titles spanning over the next five years ( films such as:  Transformers, The Interview, and Escape from Planet Earth ), he continued working as a freelance UI designer and motion graphics artist creating 2D/3D content, and designing User Interfaces for feature sci-fi films and television.

Nearly reaching a decade of experience in the film industry creating UI designs for animated features, full length feature films, and mobile applications has left Justin confident in his skill-set and created a focus on high quality visuals while maximizing usability

Software:  Adobe After Effects, Adobe Director, Adobe Premier Pro, Maxon Cinema 4D, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Media Encoder 

Recent News:

- Featured on Behance: Motion Served
'Escape from Planet Earth: Motion Graphics'
- Competed in Adobes Vancouver Creative Jam 2015
- Competed in Adobes Vancouver Creative Jam 2017
- Volunteer Videographer for the 35th annual Vancouver International Film Festival 2016
Justin Kohse
User Interface Designer + Motion Graphics Artist

Justin works as freelance UI/UX designer and motion graphics artist in Vancouver, BC

- User Interface Design
- Mobile Interface Design
- User Experience Design
- UI animation
- UI prototyping
- Video Editing
- Videography
- Motion Graphics
- Graphic Design
- Storyboarding
- 3D environment lighting
- 3D modeling
- 3D animation


West Media Film And Post
Playback + Motion Graphics Artist

- UI/FUI design and animation
- Mobile interface design and animation
- Motion Graphics
- 2D/3D design and animation
- Compositing
- Graphic Design
- Lingo (Adobe Director)
- Action-script (flash)

Gloo Studios
Motion Designer + VFX Generalist

- Compositing
- Graphic Design
- Storyboarding
- 2D design and animation
- 3D design and animation
- Concept Design
- Character Design
- Character Animation
- Tracking
- UI Design and Animation

Rainmaker Entertainment
User Interface + Motion Designer
Movie: "Escape from Planet Earth"

- UI design and animation ( 3D feature )
- Touch screen applications
- 2D design and animation
- 3D design and animation
- Motion Graphics


Sequence Film And Post
Motion Designer + Animator
Project: Jonah Hex Motion Comic Series

- Motion Comics
- 2D design and animation
- Character animation
- Environment animation
- Compositing

UBC: Endocrine Research Society
Editor + Motion Graphics Artist

- Editing pre-recorded footage
- Providing rough and fine cuts for revision and approval
- Multiple camera editing
- Audio sync
- Audio and music levels
- Titles
- Animated graphs and visuals
- Footage archive
- Export and codec specifications

Vancouver International Film Festival
Volunteer Videographer

- Multiple camera event coverage ( DSLR )
- Providing rough and fine cuts for revision and approval
- Footage Archive
- Music selection
- Long and short highlight edits
- Titles + Animation
- Export and codec specifications

Lionsgate – Stargate Universe  
Playback Artist + UI Designer

- Live Playback ( on-set )
- User Interface Design
- User Interface Animation
- Touch screen applications
- Motion Graphics
- 2D/3D design and animation

Vancouver Film School
Diploma - Digital Design

LANGUAGES // English (Native)


Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Director, Adobe Premier Pro CC, Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Media Encoder CC, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office, Adobe XD CC



- Domain
- The Interview
- Transformers 4: Age of Extinction
- Captain America: Winter Soldier
- Escape From Planet Earth
- Barbie Spy Squad
- Henchmen
- Humanity Bureau
- Antman


- Stargate Universe
- Dark Matter
- Supernatural
- The Flash
- Arrow
- Super Girl
- Legends of Tomorrow
- Jonah Hex: Motion Comic Series

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